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We are always looking for new Foundationers and we have a number of channels through which these are identified. Two key areas for the RMNEF are maritime charities and maritime/crewing agencies.

Maritime Charities
If you have an opportunity to support a young person whose profile fits the type of beneficiary we support, remember to 'Think Education'. Your charity could potentially free up funds to support other areas of need by asking the RMNEF to provide support for a child or young person's education.

Maritime/Crewing Agencies
As an organisation that works closely with people in maritime roles, you may be the first to know of a situation where a dependant would qualify for support. Please bear us in mind in these situations, and let us know if we can be of assistance.

Click here to understand more about who might qualify for support.

If you know of a child or young person that might benefit from our support, please contact us today.

For further details of organisations and charities that we are associated with, please click on the links below:


The Royal Navy & Royal Marines Children’s Fund

The Royal Liverpool Seamen’s Orphan Institution

Mission to Seafarers

Sailors Childrens Society

The Shipwrecked Mariners’ Society

Seafarers UK


Watch Ashore

Merchant Navy Association

Chiltern Maritime

The Fishermen’s Mission

    Marine Society

Health and Mental Health 


Anxiety UK


Mental Health Foundation

Sane Mental Health

The Depression Alliance


Winston’s Wish

The Bereavement Counselling Charity



Educational Trusts' Forum


Save the Children

Financial support and support charities and organisations

Citizens Advice

Money Advice Service

Emily's story

Emily's story
The Bridge Report

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The Bridge Report

At the Royal Merchant Navy Education Foundation (RMNEF), we understand only too well the challenges ... Click here for the full story.

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Working with Maritime Organisations - If you are a maritime charity or maritime employment agency and could help us to identify suitable Foundationers, please click here for more information.