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How we have helped

In 20012/13 we directly supported 54 Foundationers, and in the last five years our charitable disbursements totalled around £1m.

We are delighted to watch the development of these unique individuals as they progress in life, and we try to stay in touch, no matter how long ago it was that we originally supported them: 'Once a Foundationer, always a Foundationer'!

To find out more about how our support helps young people in the real world, please read our Foundationer stories or view our video case studies below.

  • Emily's story

    Emily's story

    Emily's Story
    Emily runs Innocence Project New Orleans, an organisation which represents people who are sentenced to life imprisonment, and who it believes it can prove are innocent. The RMNEF supported Emily during her ...

  • Cathryn's Story

    Cathryn's Story

    Cathryn's Story
    Cathryn is a Junior Research Fellow at Kings College London where she conducts research in her specialist area of early 20th century literature, and is writing a book about her research. She ...

  • Tom's Story

    Tom's Story

    Tom's StoryTom’s father had to leave the sea because of illness, so the Foundation funded him through his secondary education. His support was later stopped because of poor behaviour but this turned out ...

The Bridge Report

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The Bridge Report

At the Royal Merchant Navy Education Foundation (RMNEF), we understand only too well the challenges ... Click here for the full story.

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